Is It A Good Time To Sell In The Winter

Dated: 02/18/2015

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Here we are late February, still feeling the cold and mostly damp weather! Right now 40 degrees would feel great. Well, maybe this up coming weekend we can get a bit of the thaw going on. I have folks ask me all the time do houses sell in the winter? The short answer is "yes". When is the preferred time to close, anytime the weather is not too harsh, i.e. stormy, rainy, etc.

As with any business, homes sell all year around, no matter what the weather is or the date on the calendar. Of course the busiest time of the year is the warmer months when it's much easier to move all your household furniture, clothes and the rest of your stuff. I found the market is off to a quick start this year, I would guess because the fed keeps talking about the possibility of rates going up, most want to get resettled prior to any increases. Some have been wanting to move for some time and feel now the market is starting to show some equity gains. Whatever, your reason is for moving, make sure you get a good check on your local market, which by the way could be as close as your neighborhood to see what the true value of your home is in" current market". If you are making a move be sure to get your house ready, prior to calling in an agent to do the valuation as you want to get proper pricing, and the home shouldn't be in the mist of "getting ready" to discuss true market value.

Tips for getting that home ready can be some of the following:

1. Clean like you are expecting the president to stop by!

2. Fix some of the small stuff, i.e. broken cabinet door, torn screens, fix a leaky faucet, etc. These are minor items, but....guess what? They come up on the home inspection and the buyer wants them fixed or repaired! Or worse, a reduction in the price they are willing to pay!

3. Please....get rid of clutter, it can't be asked/stressed buyer including you the seller wants to buy someone else's stuff!!! You are only interested in the house! No clutter the better the new buyer can actually see what it is your selling! : - )

4. Painting....if you have some flashy colors, please go back to a neutral color it really does help to market your home for top dollar.

5. Not while the weather is so cold, but when it warms up some, don't forget the outside of your house, remember the whole curb appeal statement? If someone just rides by, well then forget about them looking at the inside! Wow! What if the inside did look great ??? Lost buyer!!

6. Price your home in the real time market, if you go too high to see what happens, I can tell you now; it'll save you some time..... the price gets reduced after sitting for a while with hardly any showings and then when you reduce and finally get an offer it will be much lower than if you priced it correctly. Don't do that to yourself, this is your castle get the current market pricing right and then move on, it will save you some headaches.

7. Once you get done with all the chores above, take a ride by your house, would you stop to check it out if you were a buyer? Would you be impressed with the inside of the house after you have it ready to go? If your answers are yes, then you should be able to market your home for current pricing and sell within a reasonable amount of time.

Good luck if you are marketing and if you are buying now you know what to look for!

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