The Cheese Shoppe In Surf City Saves The Day

Dated: 06/27/2019

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Image titleHere I was on Memorial Day Weekend at my friend's home in Ship Bottom having a few cold drinks on the deck when he suddenly decided to entertain the neighbors with an impromptu cocktail party!  Only a man would pull such a stunt, right?  Being the entertaining enthusiast that I am, I insisted on preparing hors d'oeuvres for the guests that were due in an hour.   Image title

With only an hour to spare, or prepare if you will, I said we need pepperoni, cheese & crackers.  Basic right?  Take me to a place where we can get that, I say.  So my bud says, "The Cheese Shoppe in Surf City.  Jump in. Let's go" and so, we did.  

Something you should know about me is I am anything BUT basic.  I had to put together a Charcuterie Board and FAST!  Let me just tell you, one step into The Cheese Shoppe and I was in heaven.  There was everything I needed and more.  

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With not a lot of time to spare, I made some quick selections.  I grabbed a garlic cheddar and a jalapeno cheddar spreadable cheeses, hot salami, pepperoni, smoked gouda, crackers, and fresh bread and proceeded to the counter.  While at the cash register, my bud was cracking jokes about the meat we were purchasing and the woman in front of me started to giggle and join in our laughter and conversation.  My girlfriend, who is an absolute bread addict, insisted on holding her beloved bread while we completed the purchase. The second I paid for the items, my girlfriend ripped the heel of the bread off and the other woman's friend ripped a piece off for herself.  

Not only did we support our local cheese shop, but we also made new friends, made memories that will last a lifetime and wowed the neighbors with my last minute cocktail spread.

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The Cheese Shoppe

1800 Long Beach Boulevard

Surf City, NJ 08008

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