January 2022 New Year House Cleanout By Beth Boothe

Dated: January 7 2022

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New Year goals for many start with the  organization of their homes.  Whether you are selling your home, or enjoying your home, now is a great time to make some small organizational changes that will make a big impact to your living space.   A clean space not only looks good, but also is a great way to relax in your home.   Many people now work remote from home and studies have found by having a dedicated organized work space, we can be more productive and feel more relaxed.

Many families gather for the holidays making home organization difficult, but now that January is here, many make one of their goals to get their home in organized shape . 

Getting started is sometimes the hardest part and overwhelming however , with these few tips you will start seeing a more organized home in no time.  As a real estate agent and home stager, one of the first things we see when we walk into a home is " Clutter ".  Most people generally have too much stuff.   The best way to get started I have found is to pick one room and stay focused and work on that room for the day .  Take a before and after photo of the room and reward yourself with a hot cup of tea or flowers for staying on task and finishing the room.   Remember to take that photo so you will see the difference.

Here is how to get started with the first room.  Once you have selected your first room  and taken the photo, take a moment to think about how you would like your space to look.  Every room should have a purpose and by visualizing your space you can create your plan for the room.   I like to write down and make a list of all the issues and goals for the space and once each step is completed, to cross them off the list.    Once you start seeing progress and get something crossed off your list, you will start to have fun and feel pride in what you are doing.

Now for the fun part...as they say, getting started is the hardest part.  Organization of any room is free and can be done by taking a look at the room, and I mean Really taking a look at the room.    What is the room used for,  is the space set up for this , and are there things in this room that don't belong ?  These are typically the 3 issues people have in any given room.     Now that we have the goal for our first room we can get started!  Set the mood for success by playing some music  and start by working on the space for 1 hour before taking a break if possible.   

Begin by making 3 piles for extra clutter .  Pile # 1 - Keep for this room ,  Pile # 2 - Throw away or donate and Pile # 3 - Move to another room.    For example, if you are storing your ski gear in your office space, these would go to Pile # 3 and eventually go to the garage.   By keeping items that belong in their proper space not only will your room be free of extra clutter but,  you will also be able to find your item when you go looking for it!   Now that we have our piles ready, we can begin our cleanout journey.

For a room with a closet I like to do one shelf at a time rather than taking everything out all at once.   Keep in mind the room will get messier before it gets better.   On the first shelf,  review the items on the shelf and decide if each item belongs in this room and go from there.   You are just cleaning out the clutter first, later we will make all the remaining items that Belong in the room pretty.   Then move on to shelf 2 and keep going.   Once all the shelves are done, all that should be on them are items you want to keep and need for the purpose of the room.     Now go take a break, maybe a cup of coffee or check your emails quickly so you stay focused and can get back to work.

This next step is easy and takes a few minutes to do,  wipe off the shelves so the space is clean and dust free.   Now look at the shelves and your Pile of Keep for this room items and group same type items on each shelf.    For example, books on one shelf, photos on another,  we will make them pretty once the room is complete.    After you have all the same items on a given shelf, take another look and see if you can purge a few more items .   Remember, you are cleaning out so if you really don't need or love an item,  give it away.

You will do this for the whole room and when complete for the day move the Pile # 2 - Throw away / Donate items to the garage,  and Pile # 3 -  Move to another room pile to the appropriate rooms and put away.   By staying on top of the organizing you will feel a sense of accomplishment!   Do a little bit each day until complete and then and only then, can you make the room look pretty.     So now all that should be left in the room are items that belong in that room.    Our next step is to look at the furniture in the room, do you need it all and does it make sense for what the room is being used for ?    If not, move to the garage to either donate or move to another room down the road.     Here is the fun part of the project, making the room function and inviting.    

Now that we are on the home stretch of the Cleanout project of your first room, we can see the space and visualize how you want it to look.   If is an office space, maybe we need a new letter tray or baskets for the closet.   Make a list of what  you need to make the room complete and then shop around your own house first to see if you have it in another room.   Do you need an extra lamp, well see if there is one in another space that may work and this is free.   Once you have the room done, take a photo and compare it to your before photo.

Feel proud and by doing these few steps to each room in your house in a short period of time, you will have begun your New Year Cleanout!  Regardless if you are staying in your home or selling or renting out your space, by cleaning out your clutter you will have a living space you can be proud of.

If you are interested in selling staging or buying a home I am here to help you!

Beth Boothe

The Van Dyk Group


908 883 1630


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